Four Sacred Cantatas by Christoph Graupner

Lift Your Eyes to Heaven: Four Sacred Cantatas by Christoph Graupner

This unique musical event will feature the first modern performances of these Baroque masterpieces by an important contemporary of J. S. Bach. The concert will be presented at Village Lutheran Church, 9237 Clayton Road, St. Louis, Missouri and includes an introductory lecture by Dr. Bruce Carvell at 2:30 p.m.


  • Arianna AerieSoprano
  • Nancy Luetzow, Soprano
  • Stephanie Ruggles, Alto
  • Bruce Carvell, tenor, flute
  • Willard Cobb, tenor
  • Kevin Warner,bass
  • Lorraine Glass-Harris, Vviolin I
  • Belinda Swanson, Violin II
  • Bill Bauer,viola
  • Brady Lanier,cello
  • Hank Skolnick,bassoon


  • Barmherzig und gnädig ist der Herr
    (22 Sunday after Trinity, Nov. 6, 1735)
  • Gott führt die Seinen wunderbar
    (Epiphany 4, Jan 30, 1724)
  • Befleissige dich Gott zu eizeigen
    (Septuagesima, Feb. 14, 1740)
  • Hebet eure Augen auf gen Himmel
    (Advent II, Dec. 1740)
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